Ceramic Lettuce Compost Container by Norpro

Ceramic Lettuce ComposterList Price:     $34.99

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Forget ugly plastic bins; here’s a compost pail that you’ll proudly display in your kitchen! All your veggie waste can be stored in this lovely garden-themed compost container which sits conveniently next to your sink without a whiff of stale air escaping from the effective odour-trapping filter. It holds up to 1-3/4 quarts of kitchen waste until you’re ready to cart all your potato peelings, coffee filters, tea leaves, carrot tops, apple cores, wilted flowers and other compostable materials to the back yard. Rinse it between uses or pop it in the dishwasher. Replace the charcoal filters regularly to keep things fresh.

Product Details

  • Store your compost without mess or smells in this charming countertop ceramic container and carry them outdoors with the convenient handle
  • Adorable leafy design beautifies your kitchen while absorbing odours with a dual action filter
  • All your compostable cooking and food waste will fit conveniently in the large 1-3/4 container
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Available replacement filters

Bamboo Compost Keeper by Norpro

Bamboo Compost KeeperList Price:     $53.99

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You might think that a wooden composter would be a bad idea, but this beautiful natural bamboo compost pail will quickly change your mind. The secret is an easy to clean, rubber liner that keeps the organic waste separate from the wooden exterior. The beautiful wooden compost pail will look great in your kitchen, while collecting all your food waste for transfer to your outdoor compost bin with the aid of the durable handle. The secure and airtight top contains two carbon filters to trap smells. Bamboo is a durable and environmentally sustainable material.

Product Details

  • Eco-friendly renewable bamboo container
  • Easy to maintain with hand washing
  • rubber liner holds 3-1/2 quarts of kitchen waste
  • Lid features a dual filter to eliminate odours

Worm Factory 3-Tray Worm Composter

Worm Composter

List Price:     $89.95

Available from this online seller

Put nature to work for you with easy and efficient worm composting. All of your kitchen waste, waste paper and cardboard packages will be transformed into fertile compost, ready for your garden plants. Experienced gardeners say that worms make the best compost available for amazing results with your flowers and vegetables. This composter offers an innovative design with multiple stacking trays for maximum efficiency. Worms start the compost process in the bottom tray, then head upwards when their work is complete, leaving the lower tray worm-free and ready to use. The main product of this process is fertile worm castings, but another byproduct is a nutrient rich liquid called leachate which collects in a collection tray and can be accessed through a drain valve.
Just place the little workers in the bottom tray with your organic materials and let them go to work for you. Then add more trays when the first one is filled. Remove the lower tray and collect the fertilizer and then start the process all over again. The composter is compact and easily fits in any home while holding the maximum capacity of materials. The trays are lightweight and easy to move. A complete guide comes with the Worm Factory and will help you get the most out of your compost maker.

Product Details

  • Composed of recycled post-consumer plastic
  • Measures 16 square inches and 13 inches deep
  • Features an easily accessed liquid fertilizer collector
  • Works in summer or winter
  • Stack up to 7 trays for fast composting
  • Efficient, smell free composting

The Norpro GRIP-EZ Composter With Replacement Filters

Norpro Grip EZ Compost KeeperEstimated Price: $35.95

Available from this online seller

Everyone knows what a pain it is to make the daily pilgrimage to the backyard composter. With this generous 1 gallon compost bin, you can wait a few more days before you have to transport you kitchen scraps to the outdoor compost bin. You can put any compostable material in the compost keeper from vegetable peels and coffee filters and grounds to egg shells, then carry your compost can out with the convenient no-slip top handle. Compost odours are no longer a problem, thanks to an airtight lid with a charcoal filter that absorbs smells up to six months. The lid comes off easily with the center handle. This compost container has a stylish metallic finish, making it a welcome addition to your countertop. At the same time it’s compact enough to store discreetly in your under-sink cupboard. This low maintenance compost keeper is easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge. It comes with a three-pack of charcoal filters.

Product Details

  • Strong and attractive stainless steel kitchen compost can with easy opening handle and secure fitting cover.
  • Add any compostable materials, including vegetable peelings, garden and house plants, coffee grindings and tea bags, eggshells, then easily transport them to your outdoor composter.
  • 4 litre 26.5cm by 21.5cm compost container featuring an appealing, gleaming exterior is a welcome addition to your kitchen counter.
  • Comes with an additional set of carbon filters to trap compost smells for as much as 2 years.

Pinzon Ceramic Compost Pail – 1 Gal.

Ceramic Compost PailList Price:     $30.00

Available from this online seller

This is an attractive container for collecting food scraps that sits neatly on your countertop. Store all your kitchen waste, like vegetable peelings and greens, eggshells, tea bags and coffee grounds, until you’re ready to transport them to your backyard compost bin. This charming canister, with its white ceramic fluted design will beautify your kitchen while simplifying your compost collection. But while it looks traditional, it hides a modern and functional carbon filter under the lid to absorb odours. It offers a generous 1 gallon capacity while being easy to carry with the attached stainless steel handle. The filter will effectively absorb smells for up to three months. Its lifespan can be extended by washing the interior of the pail regularly. The filters can also be washed with water and reused or simply replaced with new ones. You can reduce wetness inside the compost can by placing some unbleached paper on the bottom, as well.

Product Details

  • Large 4 litre compost container made to collect kitchen waste for transportation to backyard composter
  • White ceramic container is both stylish and long lasting
  • Fits comfortably on your kitchen countertop, or underneath your counter; the lid fits snugly, while being easy to open
  • Odour absorbing carbon filter fits inside the lid and is easily replaced
  • Easy to maintain with regular washing with soap and water; filters last up to three months

How to make a small effective compost bin?

HI 🙂 I’ve been planning to make a compost bin for a while now, but this week I finally have the time to do it! Problem is, that I’m not sure what kind of bin would be the best choice for a relatively small garden. I’ve read quite a few pages on the internet, but they all seem to be saying different things. If anyone has a compost bin or atleast knows what one would be the simplest, quickest, but effective option to make (OR BUY) please let me know 🙂
Thanks loads!

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City Farmer’s Worm Bins

Worm bins are great for composting a small amount of food waste on apartment balconies. We teach thousands of people how to worm compost at the Vancouver Compost Garden in Vancouver BC Canada. (www.cityfarmer.org)

How do you make a compost pile?

Okay, so we have an experiment and only has a time of about two months to make a compost pile and we have to grow a plant!!! Can we make it? It’s very warm in our country, VERY. Do you think we can make it if I start today? What do I need to put in the compost? What tips can you give me so I will get my compost
can i put it in a somewhat large and high plastic container?
what are the environmental benefits of composting? does it lessen garbage, etc?